Budget Office

The Budget Office provides credible, accurate, financial information to Governor Gina Raimondo. The Office presents objective insight, analysis, and advice to the Governor to maximize finite resources and implement his policy priorities. The Budget Office prepares the annual state budget and assembles, correlates, and revises the revenue estimates and appropriation requests for state departments.

Mission - The Budget Office is headed by State Budget Officer Thomas A. Mullaney. The goal of the Budget Office is to provide sound staff advice to the Governor for the responsible financial management of state government, including evaluation of needed resources, analysis of state programs, priorities, and alternatives, and the optimum allocation of resources to meet policy and management goals for services to the people of Rhode Island. The Budget Office staff is responsible for the analysis, processing and production of budget recommendations, development of economic and revenue forecasts, and the production of other financial documents, including Official Statements that accompany the issuance of General Obligation Bonds and other debt. The office’s work is guided by our mission to ensure accountability of and value for public dollars.

The functions performed by the Budget Office staff include:

Budget Development - Producing the governor's annual, supplemental, and capital budgets is the Budget Office’s highest priority. This involves analysis of departmental budget submissions, means of financing, incorporation of gubernatorial priorities and decisions, technical assistance to smaller agencies, presentation and testimony on the executive budget before the General Assembly and technical assistance/negotiation in preparation of the annual appropriations bill.

Financial Planning and Budgetary Reporting - The Budget Office provides policy makers historical, current and projections of revenues and expenditures. The Office is also responsible for the development of the state’s five-year financial forecast, as required by law.

Financial/Economic Analysis – Budget Office staff conduct analyses to: identify areas of the budget that suggest budget or financial management problems exist; ensure that state policies and adopted laws incorporate sound financial management principles; and identify budget options and analyze budget issues for executive and legislative consideration. Staff are also responsible for revenue estimating, including participation in the Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference and periodic reporting on actual revenues versus estimates.

Budget Implementation - The Budget Office develops and implements statewide budget policies and ensures that agency spending plans conform to state laws. Tasks include development of monthly allotments, selected review of encumbrances and payments, and preparation of quarterly projections of year-end balances.

Debt Issuance – The Budget Office, in cooperation with the Office of the General Treasurer, is responsible for preparation for bond and other debt issuance by the state, including presentations to rating agencies, preparation of offering circulars, tracking of expenditures against authorizations and debt management.

Budget Primer

Budget Primer

The Budget Office developed the primer to provide information on the annual budget and appropriations process. For detailed information on the budget process, select a section listed below.

Analyst Agency Assignments

Analyst Agency Assignments


Phone Number



Suzanne Amerault

(401) 222-6203

Programming Services Officer

Personnel Actions

Employee Contract Tracking

Office Management

Official Statement

Lindsey Callahan

(401) 222-6423

Budget Analyst I

Rhode Island Commission of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Office of the Child Advocate

Department of Environmental Management

Department of Children, Youth and Families

Patrick Crawley

(401) 222-6418

Budget Analyst II

Rhode Island Ethics Commission

Treasury Department

Department of Administration

Department of Public Safety

Capital Center Commission

Rhode Island Industrial Facilities Corporation

Rhode Island Convention Center Authority

Lucas Dieter

(401) 222-6421

Budget Analyst II

Rhode Island Council on the Arts

Coastal Resources Management Council

Department of Health

Department of Human Services

Resource Recovery Corporation

Narragansett Bay Water Quality Commission

Dezeree Hodish

(401) 222-1154

Senior Budget Analyst

General Assembly

Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission

Board of Elections

Office of Public Defender

Secretary of State

Department of Attorney General

Department of Corrections

Angela Kim

(401) 222-6412

Budget Analyst I

Emergency Management Agency

Department of Business Regulation

Department of Labor and Training

Judicial Department - Constitution

Libby Kimzey

(401) 222-2113

Budget Analyst I

Public Utilities Commission

Department of Transportation

Department of Revenue

Rhode Island Airport Corporation

Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank (RI Clean Water)

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority

Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority

Storm Lawrence

(401) 222-1153

Budget Analyst II

Rhode Island Council on the Arts

Rhode Island Atomic Energy Commission

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Board of Governors for Higher Education

Rhode Island Health and Educational Building Corporation

Rhode Island Student Loan Authority

Abby McQuade

(401) 574-8421

Supervising Budget Analyst

Rhode Island Commerce Corporation

Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation

Housing Resources Commission

Rhode Island Industrial Facilities Corporation

Rhode Island Industrial-Recreational Building Authority

Quonset Development Corporation

195 Commission

Ariana Morrocco

(401) 222-5297

Budget Analyst I

Executive Department

Office of the Lieutenant Governor-Constitution

Governor's Commission on Disabilities

Office of the Mental Health Advocate

Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities & Hospitals

Thomas Mullaney

(401) 222-6300

Executive Director/State Budget Officer

Capital Development, Planning and Oversight Commission (Chair)

OPEB Board (Chair)

Tobacco Settlement Financing Corp (Chair)

State Investment Commission

State Employee Retirement Board

Information Statement

Daniel Orgel

(401) 222-2329

Supervising Budget Analyst

Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights

Charles Plungis

(401) 222-6416

Supervising Budget Analyst

Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Sharon Savicki

(401) 222-5057

Administrative Officer

RIFANS - Purchasing

Fiscal Note Database

Christiaan van Dijk

(401) 222-6417

Programmer Analyst Manager

Network And Database Management

Information Processing Liaison

Technical Support

Systems Administration

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