Grants Management

The Office of Grants Management leverages and enhances federal funding, including grants, contracts, and loans, in support of the Governor's strategic agenda fostering meaningful results, programmatic accountability, fiscal integrity, and transparency.

Strategic Agenda

Strategic Agenda

Authorized under Rhode Island General Laws, the Grants Management Office is responsible for managing applications for federal funding, providing administrative assistance to agencies regarding reporting requirements, providing technical assistance and approving agreements with federal agencies. The Office works in partnership with the state agencies on the following activities:

Federal Award Business Process

Standardize, streamline, and improve federal award business process reducing administrative burden while maintaining compliance, results, and quality.

Federal Award Management and Administration

Monitor, measure, and report federal awards' effectiveness throughout the award lifecycle and assure that federal award funds are spent in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and rules.

Accountability and Reporting

Ensure accountability through improved policies and procedures, enhanced coordination, and consistent communication.


Provide timely and accurate award information to stakeholders and the public.


Monitor federal and state legislation to assess impact on federal award administration and management.



American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

The Grants Management Office is responsible for transparency, tracking, and accounting of funds associated with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and other federal or state economic stimulus legislation, as well as filing necessary reports and information with the federal government and the General Assembly.


  • State Agency Award Summary: This section includes data on the $2.6 billion in federal awards to Rhode Island state agencies, quasi agencies, and public colleges since February 2009. Data is updated monthly.
  • All Rhode Island Entities: Rhode Island based entities; including municipalities, for-profits, non-profits, and private colleges, as well as state agencies, submit quarterly report to the federal government on specific awards. The data is available on the U.S. government's official website.

Certifications and Approvals

  • Certifications and Approvals: ARRA required the Governor to review and certify infrastructure improvement projects and maintenance of effort requirements for covered programs.

Economic Stimulus Documents

  • Economic Stimulus Documents: The library of historical ARRA documents including the full text of the law and state agency planning documents.

Resources for Managers

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