Regulatory Reform

The Office of Regulatory Reform (ORR) facilitates the creation and refinement of a clear, predictable, and reliable regulatory system by removing barriers to economic growth and improving competitiveness, while protecting the public interest.

Regulatory Review

Regulatory Review

Reviewing the Overall Benefits and Costs of Regulations

Executive Order 15-07 is part of Governor Raimondo's initiative to support Rhode Island's regulatory and business climate. EO 15-07 outlines the importance of up-to-date, transparent regulations that use rigorous analysis to balance health, safety, welfare, and the environment with the need to minimize regulatory burdens on Rhode Island businesses and individuals.

Reviewing Regulations for Small Business Impact

Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws the Office of Regulatory Reform is also responsible for reviewing new and amended regulations, with a focus towards minimizing adverse impact on small businesses.

The key data point of this aspect of ORR review is that of "small business impact". Agencies provide their opinion on whether a particular regulation adversely impacts small businesses, and ORR relies upon specific criteria as outlined in Rhode Island General Law to provide guidance. ORR collects small business impact information as part of its online regulatory submission system. Previously, impact statements were published as PDFs on ORR's website.

APA 2018

APA Codification Process 2018

Rhode Island is reorganizing all Executive Branch regulations into a uniform state code. This code will be available online and supported by an updated web portal. This project is being led by the Office of the Secretary of State and ORR.

Who must comply?

Each Executive Branch agency, authority, board, bureau, commission, department, district, division, institution, office, officer, quasi-public agency that is authorized by law to make rules or determine contested cases. The Legislature and the Judiciary are exempt.

What is the timeline?

Agencies must codify all existing rules into the new code of regulations by December 31, 2018. Any regulation that is not published in the new code and in effect by the end of 2018 will not be enforceable until it is published. To promote efficient code development, the ORR has established a phased submission schedule for regulatory agencies. Please contact ORR should you have questions about your submission schedule.

Plain Language Resources

Amanda Clarke
Deputy Director, Regulatory Reform
Phone: (401) 574-8436

Business Assistance

Business Assistance

Small businesses typically do not have staff devoted to compliance or regulatory affairs. For a manager struggling to navigate complex applications or an owner working to comply with regulation, having a resource to help guide you through the regulatory system can make all of the difference as you work to grow your business. ORR's Small Business Ombudsman (Ombudsman) provides high-quality, on-demand assistance services. As a former agency regulatory and industry liaison, the Ombudsman can help customers of the regulatory system understand regulatory requirements, advocate for small businesses and act as a catalyst to remove barriers so businesses can do what they do best - conduct business.

How We Can Help

  • Define project
  • Define application process
  • Identify potential/current issue(s)
  • Facilitate pre-application meeting with regulatory entities
  • Manage expectations
  • Ensure efficient information exchange
  • Assist with conflict resolution
Nancy Scarduzio
Small Business Ombudsman
Phone: (401) 278-9120


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ORR Reg Submission Form

APA Codification Submission Form

Search Current Regs

The Rhode Island Secretary of State (SOS) is charged with maintaining the list of current regulations and tracking regulatory actions. After agencies are cleared to move forward by ORR they file with SOS. Regulated entities looking to identify which regulations currently apply to them, and which regulatory actions are being considered, should check the SOS website. This website includes details about how to comment on proposed regulations.