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The Secretary of State's Office is charged with maintaining the formal list of current regulations and publishing official notices of regulatory actions. After execuitve branch regulations are reviewed by ORR they are submitted to the Secretary of State's Office. You can search proposed and final regulations and get notified about regulatory actions for specific agencies.

Regulatory Review

Reviewing the Overall Benefits and Costs of Regulations

Executive Order 15-07 is part of Governor Raimondo's initiative to support Rhode Island's regulatory and business climate. EO 15-07 outlines the importance of up-to-date, transparent regulations that use rigorous analysis to balance health, safety, welfare, and the environment with the need to minimize regulatory burdens on Rhode Island businesses and individuals.

Reviewing Regulations for Small Business Impact

Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws the Office of Regulatory Reform is also responsible for reviewing new and amended regulations, with a focus towards minimizing adverse impact on small businesses.

The key data point of this aspect of ORR review is that of "small business impact". Agencies provide their opinion on whether a particular regulation adversely impacts small businesses, and ORR relies upon specific criteria as outlined in Rhode Island General Law to provide guidance. ORR collects small business impact information as part of its online regulatory submission system. Previously, impact statements were published as PDFs on ORR's website.