Budget Primer

Section 6: Financing of State Spending

Frequent reference is made in the Budget to "general revenue" expenditures and expenditures from "all funds". Expenditures from all funds include both general revenue expenditures and expenditures from federal funds, restricted receipts, and other or special revenue funds.

General revenue receives the most attention in the budget because it is the largest of the "uncommitted" revenue sources available to the state. It is also the fund to which most general tax receipts are credited. The General Assembly may spend general revenue dollars for any purpose.

Federal funds, restricted receipts, and other funds, by contrast, are dedicated to a specific purpose. Other funds include the University and College Funds, the Transportation Fund, the Unemployment Insurance Fund and the Temporary Disability Insurance Fund. For example, the General Assembly may not spend monies from the Unemployment Insurance Fund to build new prisons.

Within the budget documents, schedules contain expenditure data for two actual fiscal years, the current fiscal year and the budget year. The schedules display agency data by fund source for All Funds, General Revenue, Federal Funds, Restricted Receipts, and Other funds.


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