Helpful Guidance

    Helpful Guidance


    Internal Control Guide

    Management is continually striving to find ways to achieve their agency’s mission and objectives.  A main factor in accomplishing these objectives is to implement and maintain an effective internal control system. We are issuing this Internal Control Guide to provide management with the resources necessary to design, implement, and operate an effective internal control system.

    Section 1 – Overview
    Section 2 – Five Components of Internal Control
    Section 3 – How to Analyze Control Environment
    Section 4 – How to Conduct a Risk Assessment
    Section 5 – Internal Control Activities - Best Practices
    Section 6 – Information and Communication
    Section 7 – How to Monitor Effectively
    Section 8 – Preparing an Internal Control Plan
    Section 9 – Works Cited

    Audit Process

    The below graph explains the basis steps of the auditing process.

    The Audit Process
    Audit Process


    Audit Resources

    Links to valuable audit resources including Audit Associations, Audit Standards & Standard Setting Boards, and General Audit Topics.