Office Of Regulatory Reform

The Office of Regulatory Reform (ORR) facilitates the creation and refinement of a clear, predictable, and reliable regulatory system by removing barriers to economic growth and improving competitiveness, while protecting the public interest. Since February 2015, ORR has been operating under Executive Order 15-07, which requires most Executive Branch regulations to be reviewed by ORR before and after public comment (click here for a timeline of each rulemaking process). Prior to EO 15-07 the director of Regulatory Reform had the authority to intervene on any individual regulatory or permitting issue; however, there was no mechanism to require the review of every proposed regulation. Under this new process agencies must submit all of their proposed regulatory actions to ORR, providing a systematic way to address regulatory issues.

Below is a chart of the number of regulatory submissions reviewed by ORR as part of the EO 15-07 process. This chart looks at data from the last year.

Search Current Regs

The Secretary of State's Office is charged with maintaining the formal list of current regulations and publishing official notices of regulatory actions. After execuitve branch regulations are reviewed by ORR they are submitted to the Secretary of State's Office. You can search proposed and final regulations and get notified about regulatory actions for specific agencies.