Budget Primer

Section 9: Program Performance Measures

Governor Chafee implemented a Performance Management initiative for Rhode Island government departments and agencies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state programs and to maximize the value of taxpayer dollars. By developing performance measures and analyzing program data, departments and agencies are able to make better decisions about allocating personnel and financial resources to have the greatest impact.

In FY 2013, departments created new performance measures for their programs, and they report data on a regular basis to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). An interagency Performance Management team meets with departmental leadership quarterly to review performance data, determine whether departments are meeting their goals and develop innovative solutions to solve problems. In FY 2014, the Governor's budget submission included many new performance measures, as well as historical data and targets when available. The OMB works with departments and agencies to develop performance measures that reflect the impact of their programs. The OMB reports performance data on a regular basis to improve the transparency and accountability of Rhode Island government.


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