FY 2018 Budget

Governor Raimondo’s FY 2018 Budget focuses on building on our strong momentum and creating a better Rhode Island for working families and businesses.

The State’s economy continued to make progress in 2016. Rhode Island created 5,800 jobs last year, and the unemployment rate fell to its lowest point since the beginning of the Great Recession. Economic progress continues in large part due to the programs and initiatives set in motion in previous budgets. However, more work needs to be done in order to create and support economic growth that can benefit our cities and towns, businesses and hard-working families. The State must continue to make smart investments, not just in our economic programs, but in Rhode Islanders. That means we must continue to focus on increasing accessibility to education, attracting high-paying jobs and building a better quality of life for our residents.


The Governor’s FY 2018 Budget is built around five main themes:

    • Middle Class Relief
    • Helping Working Families
    • Strengthening the Economy
    • Protecting Health and Safety
    • Prioritizing Fiscal Responsibility



    Governor Gina M. Raimondo


FY 2018 Budget

Message from the Governor 2018
2018 Briefing
FY 2018 - 2022 Capital Budget

Executive Summary

Budget Volume I - General Government, Quasi-Public Agencies and Component Units

Budget Volume II - Human Services

Budget Volume III - Education

Budget Volume IV - Public Safety, Natural Resources and Transportation


Technical Appendix

Complete FY 2018 Technical Appendix

General Government

Health and Human Services


Public Safety

Natural Resources