FY 2019 Budget

Since Governor Gina Raimondo came into office in 2015, the State of Rhode Island has moved forward with a wide range of critical investments that fostered economic growth and innovation.

The state's unemployment rate which was as high as 8.8 percent in 2014 and the highest in the nation for much of that year has dropped to 4.3 percent. The last time Rhode Island's unemployment rate was this low was in March 2001. Economic progress continues in large part due to the key investments the State has made in education, economic development and important programs and initiatives. However, not every hard-working Rhode Islander is feeling the effects of a better economy. It’s more important than ever to preserve the State’s long-term investments, continue to support economic growth, and increase accessibility to education and training, connecting Rhode Islanders with the skills they need to become successful in the 21st century.

Governor Raimondo’s FY 2019 $9.37 billion budget embraces the principle that the State must continue to see its long-term investments through, while making difficult, but fiscally responsible decisions to keep Rhode Island’s economy moving forward. The Governor submits a balanced budget that aims to build on the progress we’ve made so far and take Rhode Islanders to the next level through innovation, education and smarter, more targeted investments to help the State’s most vulnerable populations. The Governor’s FY 2019 Budget focuses on three key areas:

  • 21st Century Education & Training
  • Attracting & Retaining Jobs
  • Helping Rhode Islanders In Need

More specifically, this budget includes incentives to fix Rhode Island’s crumbling school buildings; invest in highly successful jobs and training programs; spur growth of in-state supply chains; improve patient access while ensuring strong controls in the state’s medical marijuana system; fight the opioid epidemic; and address mental health care needs of Rhode Islanders. It also includes revenue-generating initiatives, such as sports betting and modernizing and enhancing collections within the Department of Revenue.

FY 2019 Budget

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